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Episode 55: Jeffrey Combs / Barbara Crampton
December 02, 2016 The Video Graveyard
For the first of a new GBW series, we've gathered together a duo of actors who we think are worth talking about.

Most known for their work in 1985's Re-Animator, we look at the careers and highlights of cult actors Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton. We talk about our love of Combs' ability to own craziness, Chris' proclamation that Crampton is one of his favourite 80's "sex symbols", and how they both managed to work together multiple times and star in many memorable horror and b-movies along the way.

First up, we talk all about what we've been watching, as Josh's VHS adventure takes him to Africa, we head back to Sleepaway Camp, there's a whole slew of evil kids lurking in a cornfield, Josh finally gets to revisit I, The Jury, and much more!

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