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Episode 86: Blue Underground
March 09, 2018 The Video Graveyard
As huge supporters of physical media (just look at our insane collections for proof), we here at GBW are doing a series of episodes that spotlight some of the boutique labels that are releasing the kinds of films we love to purchase, watch, and talk about.

This time out we're talking Blue Underground. Headed by filmmaker William Lustig (Maniac, Vigilante), BU has been bringing us quality releases since 2003 and we've decided to each make top five lists of what we consider to be the essential titles you'll want to own. We've got Australian weirdness, mannequin love, zombies and even some mondo!

But first we talk about what we've been watching including Meryl Streep, a teen focused movie with a terrible title, Shannon Tweed, Patchwork, and much more!

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